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Our feminine fragrance evokes the beauty, femininity and allure of the Italian woman in its purest form. It opens with a very precious bouquet of Jasmine, Rose and Neroli (orange flower) then holds you in its heart with Narcissus and Violet.  Its back note finale is of Amber, Talcum powder and Violet Absolute making this innocently beautiful eau de parfum simply a pleasure to wear.


Our male version evokes qualities of a traditional Italy that is synonymous with style, passion, love and masculinity. The fragrance opens with an alcoholic note of Rum, Brandy and Lie de Vin, which transcends, you to an era of the free-spirited dandy and Prohibition. It then stays with you at its heart with Juniper, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Black Pepper to excite its back note finale of Musk, Vanilla and Guaiacum Wood leaving you with a smoky, sensual experience that is truly uomo italiano.