Three Colour Range

Each of the three unisex fragrances, Rosso, Nero and Azzurro, has been wholly created from the incredibly diverse resources of the artisan tradition in Italy.  Each has its own distinctive character and message, so before wearing clarify the intention in your heart and make a wish….it may just come true.


The inspiration for this perfume comes from mid-afternoon walks on hot summer days in the Tuscan coastal region of Versila. It is an olfactory explosion of Mediterranean flora with points of Juniper in the soft, noble presence of wild Chamomile, Cisto Marino and Pine at its heart. From worlds over the sea, the final breeze brings us the exotic notes of Tonka and Patchouli.


This fragrance is a subtle balance of fresh and warm notes that resonate with the first and last moments of the day, at dawn and at sunset.  In the early morning the pungent note of Black Pepper and Petit Grain awaken the senses to greet the new day.  In the early evening, the warm and lasting note of Vanilla challenges the fresh and persistent note of Sandalwood arousing passion for the night.


This perfume was born on the island of Cyprus in the presence of a Sufi Sheikh. It opens at its heart with the Bulgarian Rose enriched by a note of precious Amber gris within a composition of Amber Minerals. A hint of spice evokes the Orient within the presence of the Damascene Rose, so evocative of the island. The fine balance between the feminine sensuality of Turberose and the animal word of Civet makes this fragrance as unique as the person that wears it.